“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Release the Rabbit

Met my cuddle partner in crime Keith (aka Pappa Bear) from NYC the other week. After the (obvious) cuddles and the great hello (I hadn’t seen him in years) it just felt wrong to bother him with the odd advertising talk or my heel problems (could hardly stand in the sand and was glad to have a big shoulder to hold on to). So we did what every proud “parent” would do: talk about our pets. You see, the Massive Office in NYC has these cute rabbits that I immediately fell in love with when visiting.

They are absolutely all over the place, all smoking and all giving you the naughty look… so it was clear: I had to have one.

Sadly I had to tell PB that the solitary existence of my little fellow is not that joyful. He’s rather lonely, has had to give up smoking when boyfriend quit (he needed at least someone supporting him in the house), and my attempt to acquaint him with the bunnies from the 1st of this month was to no avail.

But what a genius: Pappa Bear suggested I do a post with pet and take lonely rabbit out on a leash in the park.
Will just release him now to live happily ever after and make love to all his fellow bunnies out there crowding the green.
Thank you Keith!


Today’s shoes are Pollini