“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


My sister has arrived in town…. with 10 girlfriends in tow: school reunion!

Well you know there is some truth to the saying: two is fun, three is a mess. But 10?
I’m sure you can do the math. After arranging a house for the lovelies to stay, a reservation at Amsterdam’s hottest spot to hang on a sunny weekend (Vondelpark) and a bill at Albert Heijn that could feed an average family for a month, (or pay for a nice addition to the shoe closet :-)) we are settled on our picnic blankets, finally chilling.

Chilling? Someone needs to set up a photo shoot, and of course my sweet sister has to be in it. Well yeah. Seems that some things (aka stubbornness) run in the family as my sister totally refuses to change clothes for the shoot, and brought (when I told her to bring her most precious heels) BALLERINAS instead.

As 9 pairs of legs (without shoes) stretch out on green grass, we unfold an extra blanket, looking (my sister’s words): “as authentic as we are”. At least she allows me to pimp one of her body parts (nail polish so (!) counts as styling too… :-))

Like “alike” to what I had planned? Not at all.
But very much like…  “I love”.


Today’s shoes are Zara and Alessandro Bonciolini