“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

As an incurable sucker for romance (I’m also a double Libra, so you can actually triple that), I am known to be a fan of romantic proposals of any kind.

A dinner invitation (will you have dinner with me?), a box from net-a-porter (will you be my precious?), a gift card for my favorite shoe shop (will you walk with me forever?)… it all works for me. And I will happily say yes to all of the above.
For the record though: I’m not some cheap thrill who will go all the way just because she’s received a gift card…. (obviously it depends WHICH shoe shop ;-))
But when boyfriend mentioned the other night that he would cook dinner and had some “thoughts” on “change” he would like to share, I was immediately alert.

When I met my lovely prince he already presented himself on a horse (aka bike, and as far as I remember it was white), during the past years we have already shared “for better and for worse” (tick that box) and we actually totally agree that the only “bells” we will be hearing in our life will be the ones waking us up every morning (aka alarm clock).
You can imagine my anticipation, wondering if I might finally be able to place that order for the ultimate white Louboutin’s for a very special day….

“Honey”, boyfriend says over home cooked pasta: “I was thinking that we could do with something fresh and new in our life: 
would you like to grab the car with me and go shopping at IKEA?”

“Yes I will” all of a sudden took on a whole different meaning.


Today’s shoes are still not Louboutin