“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Late, late, late: even on a day off, I manage to run behind schedule.

It’s an unfortunate relationship and however hard I try: time is definitely not my BFF and always seems to work against me.

Today I’m meeting my sweet friend Rockbitch (definite BFF, bitch can only be understood as a compliment here). As I dash through the rain (to be ON time) I think about all the great times we had together when Rockbitch still lived in Amsterdam.
Being one of the most talented singers herself (think Blondie meets Joan Jett), you can imagine that most of our stories are musicbackstage related.
Which we are so good at! We drank with the Black Keys (a story that needs to be told on it’s own), sneaked backstage into concert halls (oh well, that would have been me), and I can imagine no one else to share a “Slash” concert first row with, dribbling sweat (Slash) and all night dancing (us) included.
Today we quickly catch up (not much time) on the essentials:
Her love for beardy, Nordic men (preferably musician), my love for one certain beardy Dutch man (musician), music, shoes and, surprise: more music (her) and more shoes (me).

It’s so great to see her that, once again, I realize time can also be a bitch when you just want to hang with a dear friend and forget about stupid timing.

OK, just one more coffee then, let today’s post be just that little bit later that I have been all day.

Today’s shoes are Gianmarco Lorenzi (me), and Gardinia Copenhagen (Rockbitch)