“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

As all the gals I have spoken to yesterday AND today seem to be experiencing PMS symptoms (aka PLAIN MENTAL SUFFERING) I think it’s official: the sun seems to be driving us crazy.

Who can blame us? We haven’t had any for months, and since it popped out all of a sudden we obviously do not know how to handle the beauty of 20+ degrees. I also wish I had had just a little more time to prepare for shorty shorts and tiny-T’s. Bare flesh and feet in plain sight for the first time this summer?
Great in theory. And if you have a day off to work on the above.

In the office, pale as a mole and with feet officially bloated like a whale after a five course dinner, my only options are to stick toes in a bucket of ice water and hide pale skin behind a full body condom. Wonder if Karl might design those for me.

I think it’s just obvious: I need a drink, and end up in my favorite bar where the lovely owner is not afraid to take a picture of me being still totally “PMS” (aka Poor Moaning Spirit). Will change that mantra into “Play My Song” and “Please Mojito Subito” now.


Today’s shoes are Karen Millen