“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Distraction (part two)

I promised Sandra not to take any thrilling (shoe) action while she would be in intensive care, so she wouldn’t miss out exciting stuff we would normally share together.

(Like buying my first pair of Louboutins (which is not going to happen any time soon I’m afraid). I had to promise to keep writing though, but it’s kind of hard to think
about something light when your best friend just had heavy surgery.
But I need a little distraction to avoid worrying, so I’m cleaning up my beauty drawers (what else :-)).

What I find next to beauty products (expired in 1992 ->bin),
and vibrators (abandonded in 2006 got boyfriend then ->bin),
is a bunch of nail polish which I mixed to fit an outfit.
Which STARTS with a shoe obviously.
I may quote Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw for the utter importance of the subject:

“This is not only a shoe: THIS IS AN OUTFIT”.

Therefor you need something matching, right?
See, a matching nail polish is so much better than a purse.
Matching bags are out anyway. (And that’s only greed talking, because most of the time I simply don’t have any money left to buy one).

I will plug little stickers on my mixes not to forget which shoe they where intended for and will stock them “new shoe shade” by “new shoes shade” and forget about the ravishing Chloe bag which I’m craving so badly.
(That’s a lie actually.)
As well as thinking “When I get whatever materialistic good I want, I’ll be happy.
(That’s a quote I stole.)

Tomorrow we will talk about boning a chicken.


P.S.: Todays shoes are Prada, Buffalo, Escada, Kalliste, Zara

(Just for those who are looking at the shoes instead of the beauty products :-))