“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

In bed with Christian Louboutin

Despite I should be out, wearing my new pastels to cherish that it’s dry weather at least, I am in bed carrying out a virus which includes a not so dry… hmmmm let’s say “outcome”:

The stomach flu.

I got real friendly (and close) with the toilet bowl the last 24 hours,
but was told by a friend that I shouldn’t feel too much pity for myself: at least I got a present “which never stops giving”.
Ha! That made me think if such a present would actually exist.

Obviously I immediately had to think about shoes,
but it’s kind of hard to imagine myself in nine inch heels
when the only inch I move is from the bed to the bathroom.
I need something in bed, cheering me up: and there it is:
the Christian Louboutin book.
Heavy (and huge) coffee table glossy will let all my shoemaniac dreams come true, (and immediately will make you feel better).

Browsing the delicately photographed pages of every single heel Christian ever designed  (oh so divine, the entire collection is even partially coated)
I wonder if it would be considered weird to be found in PJ’s licking pages
and trying to make love to a book when boyfriend comes home.


P.S.: Todays shoes are actually socks, but when I will be on the mend….

P.P.S: Christian never comes as a cheap thrill, (actually the price of the book is a third what you would pay for his shoes… but hey: that’s why they invented amazon right?