“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

La dolce Visa

I think everybody got it by now: am a shoe-oholic, and therefore behave weirdly (think mixture of irresponsible and crazy) when it comes to all things made of leather with a heel attached. This morning I almost fainted over my laptop as I browsed Net a Porter (last days of Sale) and stumbled upon the cutest Brian Atwood heels: 70! %! off!!!!! No way, really? MUST ! HAVE ! Only one small problem occurred while super-excitedly adding cuties to basket and proceeding to checkout: am not in the possession of VISA (or any other plastic card devices, except maybe the one discount supermarket card) and boyfriend is stuck in a recording session (aka unreachable).

Aaaaaaaah! Major meltdown. 100% positive it’s the last pair and will be gone in a split second. Seeing my “la dolce Atwood’s slip away, am actually tempted to squeeze a tear on empty checkout basket.

In my shoe-hysteria (not giving up easily), I did what every other gal in a heel emergency would do: call a man of your confidence. Schöner Mann was busy with guy things (garage, car, screws) and almost laughed his a*s off as I frantically told him about my urgent matter. Stuttering “I die if I can’t have them” and “state affair of utter importance” he understood, and Ha! helped me out. So sweet! Shoe day made, time to celebrate!

One thing is certain (other than that I will be bouncing off the walls when my parcel arrives): Schöner Mann is the best (shoe) friend on earth. And I really have to get my own VISA.


Today’s shoes are ZARA