“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Bought an Island

Richard Branson did it. Leonardo di Caprio tried it (but ran out of booze after 12 hours and sold almost immediately). The glossies are full of it, apparently it’s the new thing to do. So why not give it a try… buy yourself an island and live happily ever after? Or buy two islands, whatever. Hopping is the new staying.

Somewhere warm, cosy, colourful and where you can wear a bikini. Totally makes sense to me when in the Netherlands everyone is busy building Noah’s ark (well, tried that one too, but couldn’t fit the Guccis next to the penguins and the zebras felt insulted by my Jimmies (fair enough: they look alike).

So my own island seemed like the perfect solution to all recent problems. No rain or weather related problems whatsoever, decent people around asking if they can be of any help, joyful moments when your only concern is which nail polish will match your outfit….and what outfit to wear anyway… So many options, and gosh, just wearing heels would do the job, right? I see tremendous pictures coming up. Me, the sunset, the heels, palm trees. A cocktail in one hand, a shrimp in the other (not talking body parts)….oh life is beautiful!

About the island. Well it’s just this little French place…Île de la Rivière….
You know….

Today’s shoes are River Island