“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Love Affair

Oh love affair. *Sigh* Beautiful, beautiful dangerous thing.

How tempting it is to give in and forget all rules, to just let go and follow the luring call of uninhibited pleasure and ego celebration as if there were no tomorrow.

Seductive butterflies in the stomach, flying punch drunk, causing a twirl in highly sensitive belly.
No need to eat or sleep, feeling light as a feather and enlightened like Edison (or whoever the guy was who invented the light bulb and made everything look bright).
Want to jump and dance and won’t even feel the pain in ridiculously high heels (am convinced more affairs in this world would completely kill entire “PartyFeet” production).

Oh my god, need champagne.

100% sure everybody can see the glow in my eyes and read the smile on my face as it’s so obvious: am having an utter crush and an absolutely unabandonded liasion with a French city. Hello Cannes, let’s make love!


Today’s shoes are La Strada