“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Sample Sale: you are invited!

As we are very refined creatures (I’m talking ladies, sorry guys!) we adore word combinations that instantly make us smile.

“Free” and “champagne” for one, or “Tiffany” and “Co”, “Johnny” and “Depp” for good days and “Ben” and “Jerry” for bad…. and of course the two magic “S” words: “Sample” and “Sale”.
Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a combination of all the above at once, but hey: that’s just me.

Twice a year inspirational shopping Mecca YDU has a Sample Sale and whenever I can, I am “a” and “ttending”. Selling. Not buying (Oh come on girl, don’t lie to your readers: you always do…. OK).

It’s so much fun to see all the girls flocking together for one purpose: to score unique up-and-coming designer pieces at bargain prices.
The back room of the store turns into one huge changing room: a wobbling mass of flying bras, giggling gals, all styling assistants to each other and fashion experts for themselves while fitting and swapping pieces. Chatter, laughter and the odd squeal (zipper too tight) will fill the room, and I have never seen anyone leaving with anything less than a big smile (only comparable to having just met Johnny Depp).

Oh, you are about to ask about the shoes! Yeah. Good point. We do not sell heels and I will very probably wear flats.
But you are all invited to join the fun, and it would be great to see you.

What else to do on an average Sunday? :-)


Today’s shoes are Cube

Sale starts at 1pm