“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Song for boyfriend

It’s been almost a week since boyfriend headed off to Milan to DJ and I miss him terribly.

Besides the fact that I can’t sleep without him (sounds sweet in theory but is horrible in reality: the grunge look is so 90’s), I just feel torn in half (imagine the picture: a single lonely shoe, instead of a pair….!).

So I decided to write him…erghh.. a song.
Ok, I know this is super cheesy, but at least it kept me busy for one of my sleepless nights (aka fair deal).


Since you have gone away

my better half has gone astray

I caught the “can’t sleep” bug

missing your perfect hug

I don’t like to snore alone: so boyfriend please come home


Just sharing greetings from afar

is not really who we are

and what I really miss

is your smell and your kiss

I really don’t want to moan: so boyfriend please come home


Sleeping in your sweater

didn’t make it better

To save me from the blues 

I had to buy new shoes

I can’t confess over the phone: so boyfriend please come home

(rough guitar solo)

Just wondering if next sleepless night will be due to head banging or my guilty (shoe) conscience 😉


Today’s shoes are Buffalo