“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

1st Advent

Oh, how I love advent! I know, I know you might say that the “most quiet” time of the year is also the most hectic and stressful, but I just love advent Sundays! I mean, it’s the only time of the year when it's considered odd NOT to be eating as many cookies as you can and when Glühwein becomes something like an afternoon tea. It’s also the time to lean back, reflect on what’s important in life (Heels) and gather your dearest around you to spend some quality time (Heels).

Most importantly though, is writing the most urgent letter of the year: that one containing your wishlist for the big day (24th), that one which will be sent straight to Santa. To get the mild, wise and (hopefully) grateful Mr. S in a good mood, decided on an “Advent-special”, sharing what truly makes me happy, but who knows? Maybe you want those delicate, sparkling and MUST HAVE “Xmas-ish” Elisabetta Franchi heels or the classic YSL tote (matches a lot of other presents!) too?

Have good news for you. Don’t send your letter to Santa. Send it to Paul Warmer instead.


Today’s shoes are Elisabetta Franchi
Like them? Get them!