“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Enduring love

I have this thing: if I f run into something and decide to like it, I stick to it truthfully until the very end. This includes people, various artists, writers, perfume ( I still regret that Jil Sander stopped “Woman Two”), television series, and cottage cheese, excluding music (I just say 90ties), fashion (that would be for the 80ties then) and tax accountant’s.

And it does count for shoes. Of course. Once a pair got my attention or I tried it on, felt the leather, the fit, twirled with them in front the mirror… I just know it. It’s meant to be. And it’ s way too late to be rational: I am in love.

So what do people do if they feel a certain attraction? Exactly. Try to be as close to the object of desire as possible. For shoes that would mean to buy them. Which I do not do every time immediately (yeah, I know: stupid).

Like in every new fragile relation you are hesitant, insecure and think that you probably might come across something better. Ha! (again: STUPID!)

So the little cuties today: I met them in Los Angeles last year. In a small boutique. The sun was shining and the sales person was looking desperately for her commission. I  can’t remember a word she was saying: all I saw were the spikes, the shape, the cut… I admit, I was not loyal and bought a lot of other shoes instead, but I never forgot this special pair.

I googled the brand, and was confident that one day, ONE DAY we would meet again, and would live happily ever after.

Well, that’s the theory. Reality is that they are SOLD OUT everywhere. (You gals have taste!). But I can’t forget them, so here’s a call to all of you out there:

If you have seen those lovely booties somewhere in the wild:
please give me a call. I will take them dead or alive.


P.S.: Todays shoes are Sam Edelman