“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


I was woken by the warmth of the sun on my face this morning, which was a good start (at least something warm in bed, with boyfriend DJ-ing his heart out in Milan. No envy though - it’s raining there…).

Utterly in the mood to delight myself with flattering spring-ish outfit and open toes, I jump on my bike only to find it’s really really cold.

Freezing to be exact, as it also starts to hail on my way to work.
Not everywhere, just on me and my (also a little too summer inspired) trench.

Nothing I can’t handle though, I quickly decide to buy legwarmers (2 pairs- for all body extensions) on my way to work. Unfortunately secret weapon for quick fashion fixes (aka H&M)  already has beachwear on display where “stockings and woolen support” section used to be.

By noon I am an icicle, desperately running around the office asking if anyone has something warm for me to layer on. Like, a full woolen body condom would do.

Luckily, new intern is kind enough to lend me his sweater. Unluckily, he has soaked it in Unisex Calvin Klein, which confuses me for the rest of the day (boyfriend is a Tommy Hilfiger guy).

That’s just before I find out that our (only) toilet has been turned into a public restroom due to construction work in the rest of building.

As I find myself wearing a male sweater in exactly that place (raised toilet seat and all),
I wonder how it could happen that I went from sexy to unisex from tip to toe in no time.

And whether it’s too early to open a bottle of wine at 3pm….


Today’ s shoes are ZARA

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