“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Getting in shape (part one)

Every year, at exactly the same time, I face the same problem.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself repeatedly standing in front of the mirror, twisting and looking suspiciously at the backside of my thighs, 
grabbing my love handles (how much may they weigh this year?) and coming always and every year to the same conclusion:
”Bikini season is knocking on the door, I have to do something - NOW!”

You already know, that the only thing I “sport” is a lazy bum, so I tried to trick myself.
They always say you just have to find an exercise you really love, and the rest will follow (if you try hard enough and do not give up easily).
Ha! What do I love? Films!
The whole winter I tried “heavy remote controlling” which, (you might have already guessed) didn’t work at all.
Warm! I like. But I had to leave the Bikram Yoga because of the odor 10 other lovely ladies were producing while doing the “camel”.
A total flop.
Eating! My favorite. I tried hard to cut out carbs and even cooked vegetables in advance every morning for a light lunch at work.
Outcome? No one dared to come near my table anymore (“What’s that smell?”).

Last hope to cling to: Horse riding!
I have wanted to take this up for years, and I am so (!) motivated.
Only problem is, that in all of Amsterdam I could only find one horse available.
It’s Fisher-Price.
I suppose the only thing I will ride to fit in that awesome bikini I bought will still be my bike…


P.S.: Todays shoes are Rupert Sanderson