“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

I am from Austria

I was raised in a multicultural environment.

As a result am utterly open minded, tolerant, and cosmopolitan.
My granddad is Czech, I had a Russian and Polish piano teacher, my favorite dish is Japanese and my essential pieces of furniture are Swedish.

My skirt and top are British (Julien McDonald, Burberry), my nail polish French (Chanel), my heels are Italian (see below) and the Kebab I just had was just as Turkish as Turkish can be. Not to forget my shepherd: totally German.

See, I always thought it would be handy to be so multi and culti, familiar with so many different nationalities and their enthusiasm.

However it looks like I will be in trouble tonight. Since I was born in Austria (so German is closest in tradition and native language) but have made my home in the Netherlands, and am in love with a Dutch man, I am facing an emotional disaster.
The mother of all conflicts of interest: Germany is battling Holland in soccer.
Am afraid my (very) Spanish temper might come through: probably safest to watch game secretly hidden in a “neutral” corner.


Today’s shoes are Pollini (so Italian!)
Today’s picture was taken at the utterly inspiring pop up store “IT’S A SHOP!”