“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Touch me tiger

I do not have pets nor plants, I’m afraid I would neglect them or quickly lose interest.

I have shoes instead.
But I pretty much dare to say, that I have exactly the same feelings towards them as all loving pet owners.

Missing your cat when you’re on vacation? Me too.
Can’t wait to cuddle your furry friend when you get home? Same here.
Playing with your animals for hours, annoying your friends telling them what indescribable glee they give? I do so as well.
See? Not that different!

Having just come back from holiday, I found out that I am a very good mother to my pets. Especially when they come with a heel.
Unpacking a new pair of lovely leopards, I found out that I have a given shelter to a f****** zoo already!

And I haven’t even shown you the “savanna”- section (all zebra) or the “aviary” (feathers and stuff) yet!
To be continued, must dash now, I have to feed the animals.


P.S.: Todays shoes are actually not really “tiger” but Buffalo