“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Do you speak “Shoe”?

May I introduce you to my partner in (shoe) crime Sabine.

We go way back and since I moved to Amsterdam, we have invented, honed and celebrated one of my very specials: The Shoe Skype.

I can assure you, we are actually totally normal and just regular gals, despite the hours (!) where we talk about our most favorite subject.

Our boyfriends are trolling off heads shaking and visitors are raising eyebrows
(“why do you have shoes on your table?”) when we are talking,
but we won’t give a thing because our brains already switched to shoe mode.

This was our conversation yesterday
(I cut out hysterical laughter, wild grunting and frequent gasping):

See this? No really?! Bitch! Where did you find them! Shall I buy this?
Picture! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Michael! Ah Kors! Fabulous! How much! Show me!
No way! Really? Look at this link! What are they? Oh you got those too!
Aaaaaaaaaaah did you see them on asos? Yeah check them on Zappos! Oh no! Sale! Wow great, THOSE are fab! Ruthie is the best. Must have studs! Dig this what do you think. Great heel! Walkable? Or are they “horizontals”? Diesel. Haha, Plateau baby!
Like ! Aaaaah! Like that ones. Allrounders. Check site! Indeed. Like the colour.
Check this link and die. Heart Rupert! Die yourself: Aaaaaaaaah Wedges!
Must have! Huge! Oh my!  Killing! How much honestly? HONESTLY! Haha.
Did you see that ones. just got them! Surch by serial number! No way! Check your inbox. Uh Tigerlilly! Like! Aaaaaaaaaah are these the ones you told me about? Essentials. Havehavehave! Go to this site really! See? Aaaaaaaah cracking up! Dying with envy! Bitch! Bitch! Love you! Love you too! (and so on and so on…..)

Got it? :-)


P.S.: Todays shoes are Betsey Johnson, Zara, Michael Kors, YSL, Iron Fist, Aldo, Sisley