“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Serious business

The other day I was approached with the following question (or was it perhaps a statement?): “You just have such a beautiful life. Only worrying which pair of shoes to wear each day, don’t you feel very Imelda Marcos?”

A little confused, I started to think.Imelda had to leave behind 2.700 pair of designer shoes when she fled her presidential palace due to a revolt. She had an even bigger collection, but if you ask me: no taste at all. 
I can only hope I have taste, but certainly KNOW I don’t have the money to be able to buy designer heels on an everyday basis.  Plus, I sencerely think that would take away the excitement you feel when you can really REALLY buy that special pair you have wanted for so long. (Wouldn’t mind having Brian Atwood’s private number though…)

I am actually really glad that (should I ever have to leave the country quickly), 
my humble gathering of YSLs and Pradas could fit in a single truck, to be quickly evacuated. (Luckily I have also have a truck-driver connection: so I am prepared for that matter :-))

Other than that: I do actually also think about quantum physics quite a lot (especially the interaction of quantity (aka shoes) and my bank account… but I will have to have a serious meeting with my business partners (Ich and Über-ich) to discuss the matter of my public image.

And check (just in case) whether there is a course in “shoe-dictatorship” offered at the “LOI”.


Today’s shoes are Prada and Prada. (see, not even YSL!)