“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Sexy and I know it?

When I started this blog I swore to myself that I would be honest about any footwear I would walk on throughout this year.

So far I thought it went really well. Until yesterday.

Standing in line at 6.30 am at the airport to get my luggage x-rayed and myself stripped is not my favorite thing anyway, but this time I had to experience something which comes very close to a “Nipple gate”: ‘FEET-gate!

Don’t get me wrong: I do understand the necessity to get “naked” (aka rid of your shoes) for a security check. As humiliating that already is (there is always the possibility that your tights have a hole and your pedicure is like, erg: yesterweek), I also do understand that protection nowadays is very important.
But ladies: they made me wear shower caps on my feet!

We all know that any kind of plastic put on body parts is not sexy, but seriously: blue synthetics on my toes? Only acceptable if they are labeled Manohlo Blahnik (and that’s not very likely to happen anytime soon).

Luckily my walk of shame only lasted a couple of minutes (thank god an airport is not a catwalk) but I couldn’t help rating this a triple X in my history of shoe blogging.
And I kept the bags as evidence for not being sexy today, and believe me: I know it!


P.S.: Todays shoes are ZARA