“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

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11|03_2012 One for the road

Something feels weird.
I almost got run over by a bike (sort of gone with the wind thingy but different)… erg… a bike? What is a bike?
Muscles are relaxed and feel like butter (no its neither sex nor Pilates) and I am wearing, really WEARING heels! (kitten heels only to be fair, you have to start slowly)
Haha, I think you, my beloved reader got it already: I am back in Holland.

Is it fantasy or do I really speak dutch with a Portuguese accent now? :-)
There are no bikes in Lisbon so I am totally weaned off, as I am to the flatness of my home country (kind of a change from a Cup D to A within 10 days).

Fact (don’t believe otherwise): really WEARING heels in Lisbon is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE!
Despite trying hard everyday, I have to confess that the city was stronger than I.
It’s a first choosing comfort over fashion, so please understand…..it still hurts…

Oh Lisbon city, you are like a Grand Dame: old and past glory days.
Oh Lisbon streets and cobblestones: you are every heels nightmare, say goodbye to all my beauties which you will never see again.
One for the road then!

P.S.: Todays shoes are Casadei