“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

The female side of men

It started with a conversation between two guys in a bar I overheard yesterday.

“Dude, I met this girl and really: she is different from anything I have ever experienced (other Dude nods.) “You know she is really funny and witty and we really had this great time together. So intense, man: she really gave me the feeling that I was special.” (other Dude nods.) “I can really tell you that there was something going on between us you know, but now she hasn’t called in like three days, and I really don’t want to push it like: you know bothering her and all. (other Dude nods and sip’s beer)
“So here’s the thing: shall I call her? I mean does that make me look desperate?
Or will she think that I am obtrusive? I mean, if she is into me, which she TOTALLY gave me the impression to be - than she would give me a ring right?” (other Dude nods) …

There it was. The female side of men.
(Seems we are not that different after all…)
With a big smile on my face I couldn’t help but think about my dear friend “Schöner Mann”. This could have totally been a discussion between him and me. (Me nodding and sipping beer :-))

Since he is really a man of the ladies (he will call you within three days though),
and since we are going to celebrate his birthday tonight
(plus he is someone being able to channel his female side big times (in the best meaning)), I am totally inspired to through him a girly b-day experience.

You think it’s maybe a little over the top to decorate
a grown up man’s B-day cake with a shoe?
I don’t.
He is reading my blog.


P.S.: Todays shoes are Bruno Magli