“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Forty and Fabulous

The latest edition of fashion bible Vogue is a hymn to ageless style, featuring Rachel Weisz as it’s ambassador. “Why life begins at forty” the title reads, and - utterly intrigued - I find myself having read 196 pages cover to cover in no time.

Since I have started using Crème de la Mer and am more tempted than ever to rewrite the genius Coco’s “Fashion fades, only style remains” replacing “fashion” with “beauty” I am curious though.

What IS the the actual difference between now and being in my twenties?
Hmmm… (…staring at gorgeous Giambattista Valli heels while thinking).

Found genius example! In my twenties I would probably have thought Mr. Valli was an Italian intellectual. Or Pinocchio’s father.

Turning 30, I would have done my math and not mistake his mentor Capucci with Cappuccino anymore, lusting after GV’s work from afar, wondering where to get his adorable shoes (trip to Italy anyone?).

Fabulously forty, I simply know that Papa Giambattista is available at my trend-setting heel dealer and go there. Dear Rachel, you are totally right: No one can say this isn’t an utter improvement!

Next step, fifty and fantastic: am totally ready!


Today’s shoes are Giambattista Valli and on SALE at Paul Warmer