“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

An urgent matter of styling

“Did you send your entry to Grazia already” asks boyfriend while we are enjoying our romantic dinner at John Malkovich’s restaurant in Lisbon.

I am almost choking on a piece of cheese cake. In fact I was thinking about that the whole evening.

Dutch Grazia Magazine is offering a chance to win a styling make over with one out of four top stylists, and today is the entry deadline.
Dying to participate, I have been taking about ten different pictures and I am still not satisfied with any of them.
Well, I am kind of experiencing a fashion’ “dry season” with my limited vacation wardrobe here.

But you do understand this is a situation of life and death right?
No jokes when it comes to the right outfit for a competition! (or any other occasion)

Taking my last chance to deliver a picture-perfect outfit, boyfriend and I sneaked in the ladies room (sorry Mr. Malkovich)
to start the last (but really really) last photo session to convince a very stylish jury.

The question remains: Will they pick me? Will they enrich my fashion life and style?
Stay tuned to this blog, the answer will be announced shortly.


P.S. Todays shoes are Lopez