“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

I just can’t can’t can’t resist

I am a cheater to myself.

Not only did I swear an oath (to my bank account) that I wouldn’t spend any money on unnecessary shoes (oh, I should have known it: when can a shoe be UNNECESSARY???) but I also swore (to myself) to SAFE all this money and invest it in something extraordinary, really expensive and hard to get.
Plus, I was absolutely clear (to my fashion conscience) not to buy anything black anymore- (simply because I have SO MUCH).
So why why why did it happen again?
I’m sure it’s actually not my fault. I’m convinced that I’m a victim.
It’s not me looking for shoes, they are looking for me!
They whisper “try me on, try me on”, and just because I’m a polite person (and I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, not even a shoe’s feeling), I just do so.
And then they fit so perfectly and shine and blink at me
(begging me to rescue them, shouting already (it’s embarrassing, really!) and then the heel is just so perfect and they just have this slight little detail which the other shoe I just recently bought doesn’t have…….
pffffff … and then I look at the price tag (already sold) and think, it’s not THAT bad, and before I even know it, I have paid and a box in my hand and am outside and just have bought pair nr. 23 in black. (I actually lost count)

It’s very probably that I don’t have a car because I have shoes.
Who cares! I have two feet to walk on right?
And if you are SITTING in a car no one can see your cuties anyways. :-)


P.S.: Todays shoes are Karen Millen.

They were lonely and abandoned and I just HAD to give them a shelter.