“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Bless you Bavaria

Trying to come up with a title for today, I found myself thinking it through much more than I had planned to.

“Brave in Bavaria” was the first I came up with. That would have been for the “no shoe” policy in my sister’s house (a pain in the ass for a shoe addict such as myself).
“Bavarian Bravura” another, paying tribute to my sister for throwing a 2 day party for our huge family, whilst handling four vivacious kids on the side (I for one am completely exhausted after 2 hours, the kids….not so much 😉
Then I considered that it would actually be total nonsense to write about style when everyone is sporting traditional Bavarian shorts and Haferl shoes, while feasting on pork roast with garlic sauce.

Sitting at the table with four generations, listening to all the stories (and talking about what really matters, no matter what age you are) can be so humbling. It’s all about who you are and not whom you are wearing (although I might consider creating a label now called “Blessed”, which would feature all the characteristics running in our family: strength, humor, stamina, power, love and the ability to hold one’s drink ;-))…

So for today (although it lacks a little sexiness), I have to say:
Fashion and fame are out of the game, Traditional Costume (and tradition in general) are in to win.

Bless you Bavaria, you are always a good lesson!


Today’s shoes are Max