“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Rock’n Roll aftermath

Doze off on couch balancing glass of red wine in one hand and remote control in the other, still arguing that the party is not over yet, obviously falling asleep in 5-4-3-2-1-zzzzzzzzzz. First thought in the morning: where am I? Second: what are all these heels doing here?

After realizing that all my post-shoot make up rubbed off on freshly cleaned cover (light beige couch is now Dior-foundation-brown and red Chanel lipstick also insisted on leaving its mark…) and yesterday’s perfect blow dry has teamed up with cozy woolen blanket (read: nest), I try to recapitulate Rock ‘n’ Roll Saturday.

Doing a shoot in photographer-to-be-the-one’s utterly inspiring atelier: check.
Champagne: check.
Balancing D’squared heels on head for portrait: check.
More champagne: check.
Dashing off in BFF’s cabrio (perfect assistant and muse during shoot): check.
Spending 20 minutes in too small convertible between boxes of over expensive shoes (knees folded to nose): check.
Dropping over expensive shoes at home to head for dinner with friends: check.
Wine: check.
King size shrimp: check
More wine: check.
More inspiring conversations and more friends joining: check.
Uninhibited laughter and what the heck, another bottle of wine: check.
Not wanting to go home: check.
Home, ergh…. check?

Will have to simultaneously call personal assistant, cleaning lady and social heel service to take care of the situation. Here’s to the Rock ‘n’ Roll aftermath, where’s my drink?


Today’s shoes are… very flowery indeed