“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Onstage is the new backstage

I’ve been a sucker for backstage areas since I was little. When I was studying to be a classical pianist, I used to sneak in the backstage area of concert halls to hang out with famous piano players (all old enough to be my dad). I don’t know what the fascination really is, I think it lies in the idea of being part of something very special and exclusive. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that there is always free beer :-)

Having anxiously awaited the arrival of my friends Dick Brave and the Backbeats, yesterday was no exception. Happily I ran around annoying everybody (whilst on duty - read light test, sound check, putting grease in their hair), showing off the most amazing heels (scandalous: more pictures were taken of the heels than of me :-) which I had scored especially for the occasion. Mrs Prada must surely have had Dick Brave in mind while designing. Rock ‘n’ Roll indeed! And the concert… oh man, what a show!

As for me I can only say that yesterday definitely raised the standard (not only heel-wise: those beauties are hard to top). Apparently it’s not only: “take it to eleven” but “onstage is the new backstage”.


Today’s shoes are Prada
Today’s photo was taken by the lovely Nancy Cornelissen