“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

A short play in five acts


* Heroine 1: Sandra L.
* Heroine 2: Sonja S.
* Heroine 3: My shoes
* Me
* Best Ex
* Cat 1
* Cat 2

Act 1:
“Me” flight is delayed and me land grumpy (and super hungry) just to find out that me packed big camera, small camera, 2 phones, charger for phone, charger for big camera, charger for small camera USB cable for camera, laptop but NO laptop charger. Disaster. (Laptop is out of battery: OF COURSE)
Cat 1 and Cat 2 hate me.
“Me” is heading to Heroine 1: loads of cuddles, loads of love, loads of laughter.
Want to head back to Best Ex’s apartment (-10 degrees outside, me in heels):
key doesn’t work. None of my phones work. Best Ex is not at home.
Me fleeing in bar. Me drink alcohol. A lot.
Best Ex explains that key needs to be inserted next to signboard, not in keyhole.
Yeah. Certainly! Me tired, Me bed.

Act 2:
Best Ex is saving my (blog) life checking cable for laptop. Cat 1 still hates me, Cat 2 descend to look at me. “Me” wearing slippers. Can’t reach heroine 2 (none of my two phones work). Heading to heroine 1 (she is so brave (!) so: cuddles and love and being there and loads of dutch cheese (“me” small souvenir).
Heading to nice bar of yesterday which provided me shelter again to write.
Me tired, Me bed.

Act 3:
Cat 1 still hates me, cat 2 want’s to be petted. Hmm. Meeting my friend Egon Schiele. Getting maybe a little too inspired :-)) Quick coffee with heroine 2, cuddles, cigarettes, gossip update, kiss kiss bye bye. Heading to heroin 1 (groundhog day anyone? :-)) cooking and cuddling and eating more cheese.

It’s starting to snow like crazy. Me drinking Best Ex’s whole stock of wine, because (now favorite) bar is closed.

Act 4: Vienna is covered in snow. Meeting with Louboutin’ s. Interrupted by friendly staff, while secretly trying to make love to them in the changing room. “Me” not good in saying goodbye to them. Heading to heroine 1 for the last time. Me not good in saying goodbye there either. Me working. Cat 1 still hates me, Cat 2 lies on me lap. Dinner with ex parents in law, ex cat and Best Ex. (kinda triple X :-)) Heroine’s 3 are all doing a great job. It’s still snowing.

Act 5: “Me” climbing (despite fear of height) on penthouse terrace for shoot. It’s f***ing cold and I’m scared to death to break in or slip and just die on a rooftop unnoticed in 5 inch heels, missing NY fashion week.


Bye bye Vienna, I am back in Amsterdam reunited with my love.
(“Me” talking boyfriend not shoes :-)


P.S.: Todays shoes are Sergio Rossi