“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Dear Shoemanic!

Congratulations on your blog, which is delightfully made. Since I became one of your fans, I hope you could support me in the following matter.
Spring is looming and everything is starting to bloom, the weather is nice and the ladies’ skirts are getting shorter again (I’m decently married, but suppose a man may have a look and enjoy :-)). It would be just lovely to see all the girls sporting high heels again instead of heavy boots (we men love eye candy…), if it weren’t for one tiny thing.
However short the skirt, long the legs, elegant the walk or pose might be, the whole picture is shattered when they forget !FAUX PAS! to remove the price tags on their heels. How is this possible? 
If one were to compare this to sex, it couldn’t be described as anything else than having a very very unpleasant coitus interruptus.
How could the ladies do this to us? And how is it possible that someone puts so much effort into styling and then forgets the most important thing?
To underline the urgency of my topic, I came up with a small case study and checked the heels (shoes only, no legs! :-)) of 63 lovely ladies.
21 of them obviously forgot that a price tag is to be removed before wearing heels. 21 visual coiti interrupti! That’s every third!

You would do me an enormous favor if you could write about this disastrous situation on your blog.
Please, please, please help to erase this fashion faux pas forever.
All the men in the world would be grateful.

Your sincere and humble


Well dear Christian, I hope I just did.:-)

Because I couldn’t agree more with my lovely reader, today’s shoes can be only described in two words: not cool.