“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Like… really?

There are a lot of really exciting things coming up. Other than business meetings (lately ending, not very fashionably, with fire alarms and me fleeing the scene), I have a shoot coming up (photographer-to-be became photographer-to-be-the-one) and am very excited and curious to see how it goes (not to mention a little nervous). Fashion week is almost here and with the ticket frenzy having begun long ago, the only question that remains (besides getting a ticket at all) is whether I’ll be sitting front row or not.

For both occasions outfits need to be chosen, hairdressers bothered, heels polished and not having signed up for Weight Watchers earlier this year regretted.

And what am I doing the first day in weeks I actually have some spare time? Like… really? Am afraid the fashionable (heel) life starts with being able to at least walk IN to the walk-in closet without being attacked by dust and scattered clothes (that seem to have developed a life of their own).
So a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do……

Wonder if moving wildly to David Bowies “Let’s dance” with a vacuum cleaner could be falsely interpreted.
Pole dancing anyone?


Today’s shoes are Pedro Garcia