“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Whenever in need of some inspiration, I head straight to the next shoe store.

It somehow soothes me to wander from shelf to shelf, touching delicious leather, petting tiny details, and putting objects of desire back with a deep sigh after having seen the price. Very humbling but inspirational indeed.

Often I find myself involved in emotional “heel” and design discussions with like-minded staff members -sometimes with unexpected results.
So it happened that - having had a fairly long inspirational relationship with Daniele Dentici - I just found out that lovely Marco also does the most delicate accessories.

To die for necklaces, brooches, hats and much more, all matching so well with the shoes and the bags in the store.

A lot of “OMGs” and (again) “sighs” are involved while twirling in front of the mirror with my (ergh…Marco’s) stunning necklace which is totally perfecting my outfit.

So ladies, if you are ready to make a statement, I’d recommend dropping by.
Or even better: explore Marco’s stunning designs online.
Meanwhile I will continue running around being flabbergasted by all the hidden talent Holland’s got to offer.


Today’s shoes are GREYMER