“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Thought that we were past that whole tiring discussion about UGG boots.

Haven’t seen them in a while (will file for warning sticker in shop windows still displaying them: “This shop window contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing”)… and was actually pretty positive that by now everyone has understood that sheep on feet (no matter how comfortable it may be) are only cool if you are a) Alexa Chung, or b) a 20-year-old Californian beach babe…10 years ago.
Other than that: *ugh*!!!

I was mortified to find out that apparently the horror isn’t over yet. This time *ugh* is back in the form of  what’s supposed to be a cute key fob, which wouldn’t even be cool if it came in a silver and blue box (read Tiffany). Why would you consciously make sure that everybody knows without even seeing you sporting the actual boots that you are built for comfort not for style?

Fashion police, please investigate: to my dismay the case is not closed, and the crime scene needs to be cleared up. For good!
UGG, I have spoken.


Today’s shoes are Ballin