“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

How the hell does she do it?

One of my best friends arrived in Amsterdam earlier this week.

Writing for a life-style magazine, she and her photographer are doing a city report with a hot Caribbean singer. After the obvious 2 hour flight they rent a car and dash to a spring ball in Vlissingen (another two and a half hour drive), only to find that it’s actually a disaster.

From that moment on everything goes wrong: hot Caribbean singer vomits all night and it looks like the “City report” is literally going down the drain, bed in the apartment is broken, hair blower and shaver (ladies essentials) appear to have been forgotten at home.
And to top it all off, I totally forget to tell her that parking in Amsterdam (being a nightmare in general) is definitely NOT a good idea without paying at ANY time.

Shoes, shopping and alcohol (in no particular order) are definitely the only things that will help to ease this drama! In the end my sweet friend has not only managed to get her report, but meanwhile scored hot heels, arranged a new interview with Chopard and looked drop-dead marvelous at our favorite fashion-pit stop YDU.

Bewitching the bar crew on our gals night out later (one twinkle of her eye does the job), we soon find ourselves more or less behind the bar, drinking on the house, and end up (seriously) being carried out in their arms.

I can only ask myself: how the hell does she do it?


P.S.: Today’s shoes are River Island
P.P.S.: Today’s photo was taken by the lovely Nadine Poncioni