“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

This is SOOO…

After I almost got arrested at the airport being mistaken as a dying breed smuggler (aka fake fur heels), I could finally squeeze me and my skinny latte in the even skinnier seat of KLM (This is sooo economy!).

Snowflakes are dancing romantically outside while Norah Jones whistles
“I wish I could fly away”, when suddenly the captain announces that we won’t be able to take off (yet) due to snow chaos.

“OK”, I think “being fashionably late on my trip to support my friend… well, great!”.

“OK, NOT so great” I think an hour later when we still haven’t moved an inch, and “This is sooo wrong” after two hours waiting without anything to eat or drink. (I can assure you: skinny latte only for breakfast is a crash diet…)

While Norah is still on rotation pleasing everyone with “I wish I could fly away” - (stuck in heels on a plane I couldn’t agree more…), snowflakes outside dancing wildly now, I am feeling like an extra in a Doctor Zhivago mock up.
Ridiculously dressed in a furry outfit waiting at some action (This is sooo not me!).

When the captain speaks again, encouraging the passengers to feel all “easy” and “at home on board” while waiting, I am seriously tempted to stand up, pop the champagne which was meant to be my gift, pouring a round for everyone and ask if they would mind me lighting a cigarette. (This is soooo true!)

With a five hour delay I finally hit Austrian ground and am able to make it to Sandra’s house. I have been  “on the road” for nine hours and I am exhausted.
But you know what (This is soooo cheesy! :-) :

The minute I am with my friend, being able to cuddle her and hear her laugh, to really feel her and see with my own eyes that she is doing well:
THIS IS SO GOOD! And worth everything, everything, everything (This is soooo three times repeating!)


P.S.: Today’s shoes are Gucci and Jimmy Choo,
and so 2011, as they were our birthday party shoes when Sandra turned 39 last year.
P.P.S: This is SUCH a lie: she turned 38. :-)
P.P.P.S: I will never listen to Norah Jones ever again.