“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Sneaked out at lunchtime to spoil myself a little. I know you would think I’d probably come back with a new pair of shoes (well, that was my mission indeed… ;o), but I stumbled across the most amazing book from Ellen von Unwerth instead.

Had to have it!

My friend Dylan would DIE if he could see it, it’s all Bohemian and sexy and seductive. Amazing shot’s and SO inspirational! Now I want to redecorate the house (chandeliers and red candles) and myself (nipple tassels and nylons) :-)

By the way: I do NOT recommened to lug home a book of 10 pound in one hand and a bunch of flowers (almost your size) in the other, whilst balancing yourself on 5 inch heels. I think I caused some laughter today trying to look all elegant whilst hopping over Amsterdams tricky cobble stones…


P.S.: Todays shoes are lovely (but not recommended for shopping) Pura Lopez