“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Half the day has passed and I haven’t written one word nor had any inspiration.

Partly I blame this on my new hair cut (which looks even odder this morning than it did yesterday), which I’m sure has triggered something in my unconscious mind.
Last night I dreamed I was starring in a L’Oreal commercial but was secretly wearing a wig. Needless to say, I was terrified someone would find out, so slept really badly.
Will now have to decide whether to get professional help (hairdresser-wise I mean), or create new trend: ergh…..bald?

The weather today is also not helping (reminds me of the title of my new must-read: “50 Shades of Grey”), so can’t decide on my outfit either.
Follow floral trend (sunny spirit) or tribal madness (outdoor prepared)…. what do you think?
Argh! Over coffee (or maybe tea?) I try to figure out what to pack for the weekend (trip to Ameland) but honestly: no clue. Maybe some sleep (without weird dreams) will help.

Or changing the outfit from friendly romantic Barbara Cartland wallpaper to Louis Vuitton dominatrix (who cares if that’s A|W 2011) …. including a whip to get myself moving 😉

Today’s shoes are ZARA

P.S.: Very aware that on an “importance-scale” of one to ten today’s post probably ranks zero. Or minus one? I can’t decide.