“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


The weather is one of the most discussed topics in Amsterdam and buienradar.nl seriously the most visited website nationwide (I am no exception, the site is even ranked higher on my computer than any shoe-outlet site - actually quite scandalous…).

Holland is one of those exceptional countries where you can experience 4 seasons in one day. It can be tricky, annoying, surprising and moody.
I came to the conclusion that this is not so different from us ladies.
And our temper and moods…

Found myself grumpy for no reason yesterday. After an actually perfect (and sunny) day: “bam” all of a sudden, emotional clouds everywhere.
A friend of mine confessed she often goes from rather cool business mood (winter) right into cheery mood after work (“spring” after one drink, “summer” after two…), and who can’t think of at least one situation where a single event can cause an emotional thunderstorm (thunderbolt and heavy rain - aka tears) seemingly out of the blue?

Of all various moods (a bit cloudy this morning) I just checked for the rest of today.
Jipieh, all sunny and blue sky: perfect conditions to grab some summer-inspired sandals and enjoy a lovely day. I hope you do so too!


Today’s shoes are Paul Warmer
If you somehow find yourself experiencing an “emotional weather dip”, just go there! Sure to cheer you up immediately :)