“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Back to Boots

Four times a year my walk-in closet goes through a magical transformation.

It’s the great moment of changing wardrobes for the new season.
And how I love the “spring” change!
I almost feel kissed by the sun as I pull out yellow chiffons, pastel silks, flattering dresses, and macramé and lace tops.
Hot summer nights, endless picnic dates, evenings out on the terrace: I am ready to cherish and embrace you! And am now also absolutely prepared fashion wise.

The only trouble is that even though the sun is doing its best to pretend it’s spring already (teasing: “bye bye lined booties, hello peep toes”), the degrees Celsius have dropped drastically over the past few days.
Yes, I am totally aware that one of the biggest spring trends is all about mixing,
but someone seriously needs to tell the weather gods that this is meant for fashion.
Not for clouds, stiff winds and freezing temperatures!

Since blue (wool) section of closet are the only warm things I have left (there was no more space in boxes), apparently this is the only color I will be wearing the upcoming weeks.
Now that’s what I literally call the blues.
And being back to boots.


P.S.: Today’s shoes are Buffalo

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