“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

When you wake up and see clothes scattered all over the place and black mascara on your pillow, you know it must have been a great night.

When you wake up and it’s orange stuff all over the place and your face is still covered in the traditional colors of Holland (red, white and blue), you know it was Queen’s Day.

Anyone who hasn’t seen it with their own eyes, would probably have trouble believing what goes on on that very day.
It’s absolute mayhem: 800.000 people celebrating and singing and dancing on every corner in the city.
Think Bloodhound Gang: “Do it like they do on the Discovery channel”, but with an orange dress code and under the influence of everything god invented to make you happy. (And yes: this is the first time this year that  I’m not talking shoes :-)

As we do every year, we spent the day on our lovely friends Ronald and Janny’s boat, and like every year we were totally spoiled with good company, champagne to the max and a private dinner in their 4 star residence “Thijs”.

Now I’m very ready to sing along with Amy: “They tried to make me go to rehab”, and I will very willingly say YES YES YES.
And never wear orange shoes again.
OK then…. maybe just until next Queen’s Day.


Today’s shoes are Bertie