“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Mr. Miuccia is always good for some controversy on the catwalk, every season trend-setting and her creations often designed so fast forward that they are only to be understood (seasons) afterwards. Meaning: whatever makes you squeek at first glance (Oh no, please really?) you will regret to not have scored the next season. That’s when every high street designer is coming up with the rip offs and Prada has forseen (and taken away) a trend once again.

Although I could swear that her design team must have been high on sake and jasmine joss sticks while coming up with what’s basically a “Crock” for Geishas, I think its only fair to give todays beauties a chance in real life. Aka: posing on some 25 kilo rice-bags (slippery bitches they are!) in a packed Asian Food store trying to ignore the staring crowd (100% sure it's my overall elegant appareance they are looking at, not the beaded mess, hands swinging, legs clumping and clomping while fumbling wildly with flowers and self timer).

But honestly: the heels are über-cool, they walk supernicely, and fit the Kimono which is hanging in my closet forever perfectly. Asia is trending ladies: you better follow Miuccia’s example asap: とてもクール!!!


Today’s shoes are Prada