“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Thank's to my friend Edwin I find myself caught in the Icebucket madness as well. As if there wouldn't be enough water from above in the Netherlands anyway but it's for a good cause, so all fine.

I'd like to nominate my favorite heel designers Brian Atwood, Ruthie Davies and Charlotte Olympia to join the challenge next, so I won't be the only idiot ruining a beloved pair of heels (Brian, you might go barefoot as well, I know suede leather loafers are a killer to clean!).

Please note that besides all selfish posting fun, donating is crucial to fight a terrible disease, so give as much as you can: your next pair of heel purchase can wait (a little). Here we go, and sorryyyyyyyyyyy shoes!!!!!!


Today's heels were beautiful before they drowned.

High Heels to Lowlands!

High Heels to LowLands!


When attending a festival - despite other opinions - it's clearly not the music and bands playing that require primary focus: it's definitely the decision which heels you'll bring. I've made the mistake of organising a sophisticated schedule of which band to see when and especially running there early to conquer the wave breaker many many times. But it’s the shoes really, which will carry you through mud, empty cans of beer and an over-enthusiastic crowd jostling.

Take into consideration that your heel of choice also needs to be Dixie-toilet proof, dripping mayonnaise (from your second portion of greasy fries) resistant and nonetheless attention screamers for winning over security sympathy. Because of course you'll try to sneak backstage without that all access pass, not once but at least three times. And who cares that you'll have to wear orthopedic devices for weeks afterwards if you have the chance to wake up (in heels still) next to some hot musician piece of ass? High Heels to Lowlands I say.


Today’s shoes are Vintage MiuMiu

I wore them for 3 minutes before switching to sweat resistant rubber boots for dancing. :0)

Catsuit: Roparosa | Leopard printed bag , Jacket and Bangles: Stylist's own | Hat: Sacred Vintage via Yosha Fashion | Fringe Earings: Yosha Fashion

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Girlz on Film

Girlz on FIlm


As it can be a little lonely on planet “DJ-wife” during weekends (boyfriend gone again to enchant some crowds in England), I thought I'd pull a little “Taylor Swift number” and invite BFF over to dress in PJ’s, giggle, throw pillows at each other, drink hot chocolate and call that a party.

With some recent boy trouble, swapped the milk thingy for Margaritas though and prepared the sky highs for a natural uplift (always works ladies!), playing a game of “How many Ellen von Unwerth inspired pictures can you take”, praying that none of the uncensored ones leak on Facebook that very same night ("Don't Margarita and post!").

24 hours, two pairs of ripped stockings, 15 squeezed lemons and a sleeping room still covered in feathers and confetti later, the guy is forgotten and replaced by a true and sincere love for dancing in high heels to Madonna tunes ...“Get Into The Groove.....”. Taylor would be so proud. Now off to write a song about that damn looser who ditched my lovely lady.


Today's shoes are YSL | Shoe Girls
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The frenzy of Amsterdam Fashion week is already two weeks behind us, but the memory of days of fashion fun is as vivid as if it were yesterday. Looking back I might do a few things differently next time: applying glitter to my eyelids with superglue - in an attempt to channel Chanel’s spring beauty look - on day two totally worked: a hefty eye infection made me look like a red-eyed bunny for the rest of the week. It's probably also a good idea to have an actual clue WHAT to say when invited to do an interview for a fashion channel (day three) instead of stuttering and mumbling some weird things into your Prosecco glass (it really looked like a microphone though).

Day one was probably the most uncomplicated: I was accompanied by two wonderful friends who art-directed and photographed my other two (furry) friends attending: Most.Amazing.Heels.Ever! In between twisting (“turn into the light, look up, to the left, OMG look at those structured heels”) I couldn’t help but laugh because both were so impressed with and flabbergasted by my shoes that I secretly wondered whether straight dudes might have a fashion gene too. Well: looking back at the pics they certainly have. Thank you Nico and Diederik for capturing a lovely day. Fendi crafts shoes up to size 42, and a black handbag suits everybody you know?

Just saying. :-)


Today’s shoes are Fendi
Today’s pictures were taken by the lovely Diederik De Groot and Nicolas Dluglosch

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It’s Magic!

It's Magic!


Amongst the talents my adorable Mom transferred to me (a lot of them linked to creating beautiful things and drinking impossible amounts of champagne while doing so), I totally lack the gift of her most forceful strength: a green thumb.

Being known myself for killing even the most resistant house plant in an instant, my mom transformed the backyard of our Salzburg home into some sort of Disney Land for beetles, butterflies, and bees (I know for a fact that champagne was involved...) and designed a blooming treasure chest where time seems to stand still and all trouble far away.

Although my understanding of a treasure chest would be more “Sex and the city” orientated (meaning that a huge shoe-closet full of designer heels is involved), I must confess that this little paradise totally lures you into forgetting to check your news feed. Instead this secret garden inspires to sit and read an actual book, jump happily between rose bushes for no reason, pick wild berries, recite Goethe and cut wild flowers all day long.

Actually with your heels off. If you ask me, that’s magic.


Today's shoes are Asos | Prada | Sergio Rossi
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Fashion Week Flawless | DORHOUT MEES

Fashion Week Flawless | DORHOUT MEES


Raindrops slowly drip from the back screen, subtly dimmed light creates the illusion of water on the catwalk, everybody is shut down in silence and eagerly awaiting.

I'm sitting front row at Dorhout Mees’s eighth collection at the Amsterdam Fashion week, and probably didn’t shut my jaw for the entire duration of the show. An endless floating transformation from structure to dissolution, a delicate dream of sophisticated organza layers to super tight and sexy construction. “O” - I whisper in awe, which also happens to be the name of the collection. “O” refers to the simplicity yet complexity of water crystals which the über-talented designer translated into a symphony of subtle blues and mellow pinks, some delicately wrapped in pleats, others in sharp cut out silhouettes. All of the designs are meticulously crafted and fitted to the bone, even the prints reflecting the iridescence of water surface. So elegant, so feminine, so flawless! You literally want to dive into every single piece of perfection presented.

If I may personally pursue the idea of a natural floating process: this talent doesn't need to show at the (nonetheless beautiful) river Amstel: it definitely needs to be the Seine!

Oh, and I totally forgot about today’s heels,
but who's to blame, am still busy closing my mouth, and spinning in vain in one of Dorhout Mees’s gorgeous creations myself.


Have a full look at Dorhout Mees’s collection here!

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Fashion Week Fierce | BYBROWN

Fashion Week Fierce  |  BYBROWN


Tall, sleek, city amazons are walking down the catwalk, transparent silk flattering their bodies, while exaggerated shoulders make their way down the aisle to pushy beats. It’s the debut of Melanie Brown’s relaunched label BYBROWN at Amsterdam fashion week, leading the selected fashion crowd to frantic applause.

Inspired by water and its restless molecules, Melanie surprised by combining materials such as lyocell bamboo, cork, leather and silk to artfully create a fierce yet feminine silhouette for the modern city woman.

Having been a fan of her work for years, I couldn’t be more proud to attend the show wearing an earlier creation of my designer friend: a couture dream of four layers of different fabrics, showing her craftmanship and eye for detail. Though I feel like a romantic princess and never want to take a step out of my gorgeous gown again, I am now eager to express my inner warrior. Ready to channel the new look of perfect asymmetry (how is it possible!), throwing on the exceptional cape/raincoat and off I will go as the strong fashion combatant pictured. Congratulations Melanie!

About today’s heels: shoe it!
With this kind of stunning outfit we will leave all credits to the dress won’t we?


Have a full look at BYBROWN's collection here!